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2.1sCareful there, Marge. You almost nicked me.
2.47sWell, your blood pressure is off the chart.
2.57sAnd I don't like this urine sample one bit.
3.67sYou're headed for a nervous breakdown. You need Brad Goodman.
3.29sHis infomercial plays round the clock on Channel 77.
1.73sThank you, Martha Quinn.
4.84sThere you have it. Unrehearsed testimonies from important celebrities.
4.84sShe's one of my favorites. I loved her in the thing I saw her in.
3.3sYou know, my course can help you with every personality disorder...
3.04sin the "feel bad" rainbow.
2.22sLet's look at the rainbow. What's in there?
3.17sGeriatric Profanity Disorder, or G.P.D.
4.65sAnd chronic nagging, nagging, nagging, nagging, nagg--