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4.22sand I'm really enjoying this so-called "iced cream."
3.32sSir, in the spirit of the festival and everything,
3.34si-i'd just like to say that--
3.5s- I... love you. - Hmm?
1.95sIn those colors!
3.32sOh, who am I kidding? The boathouse was the time.
3.74sMy God. They're naked. Double your pleasure, Springfield.
2.1sI'm sweating. Let's ride through the car wash.
5.02sArr! This picture will serve me well on those lonely nights at sea.
3.17sThis is great. I can finally look like I want...
2.97sand not get hassled by the man.
3.14sSkateboards? You copycat wannabes.
1.57sEat my shorts, young man.
3.2sGood afternoon and welcome to the Do What You Feel Festival.
3.84sBy the way, this young lady is not my wife, but I am sleeping with her.
3.34sI'm telling you this because I'm comfortable with my womanizing.