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2.4sExotic male dancers at the Golden Banana.
2.3sNo. I want him to suffer.
3.29sOh. Well, when Homer does something wrong,
2.73sI write a list of ways he can make it up to me,
2.79sthen I shred the list and put it in his food.
3.42sAll right. We will write a list. At the Golden Banana?
2.3sNo! Oh.
2.65sOver, under, round and round,
3.5sso your feet won't touch the ground.
3.47sNow, let's see what awaits me in the next life.
2.5sFirst I was a tiger, a snake,
2.17sa clod, a goat with a hat,
2.35sthen me-- oh-- a tapeworm,
2.42sthen assistant to Lorne Michaels.
3.3sIt's going to be a rough couple of lifetimes.