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3.02sYo, ring her up, dude.
2.3sYou cannot smoke in here.
2.75sPlease, the sign is clearly posted, sir.
2.27sOh, God. You smokers disgust me.
3.34sHey, 'pu, you got a breakfast cereal for people with syphilis?
2.55sHands up, scuzbag!
2.69sNo, not you. The smoking scuzbag.
3.64sOh, chill out, dude. I'll pay the fine.
2.97sNot this time, you won't. This is your third strike.
3.67sFirst, you torched that orphanage, then you blew up that bus full of nuns.
2.2sHey, that was self-defense.
3.2sWell, you'll be seeing lots of nuns where you're going, pal--
4.74sHell! Because the penalty for strike three is death.