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3.22sNine months later, I gave birth to Maggie.
3.07sAnd now she must return home to Rigel VII...
5swhere she will be guaranteed a lucrative civil service job for life.
1.88sWell, we can't compete with that, but--
3.49sBut nothing. Get your slime-less hands off her.
3.19sPeople! People! Space monsters. This is going nowhere.
3.12sThere's only one man who can settle an argument this bizarre.
3.54sJerry! Jerry! Jerry!
2.97sOkay, we're back. Homer, how did it feel to learn...
3.09syour baby was fathered by a drooling space octopus?
3.59sIt made me angry, Jerry. Angry and tired.
2.05sWell, you're about to get a whole lot angrier...
2.57sbecause we have the extramarital extraterrestrial backstage...
2.6sin a soundproof booth where he can't hear us.
2.2sI hear all.
2.3sLadies and gentlemen, meet Kang.
3.64sHey! Yeah!