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2.65sJOE: Yeah, is that like a rummage sale thing?
1.4sQUAGMIRE: Ah! Nicole Eggert.
1.83sJOE: Didn't she bang somebody gross?
1.38sQUAGMIRE: I don't know.
2.55sJOE: Yeah, I feel like she banged somebody gross.
3.2sQUAGMIRE: You know, I heard the sweater budget on this show was 200 grand.
1.7sDidn't you tell me that, Peter?
3.22sOh, my God! Peter, you don't look so good.
1.8sWhat are you talking about? I feel great.
1.93sLike I could go another 20 years or more.
2.65sDr. Hartman, this was just too close a call.
1.62sNext time, we could be too late.
7.94sSuppose he's stuck somewhere, or... Or he's trapped in an elevator or God knows what else? He could die! He needs a new kidney now!
1.9sWell, as I said, Mrs. Griffin, he's on a list,
2.07sbut there are a lot of people ahead of him.
2.29sWell, what are the chances of getting him moved up the list?