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3.24sLucky there's a man who positively can do
1.43sAll the things that make us
1.42sLaugh and cry
5.32sHe's a family guy
1.67sOkay, okay, I got one.
7.47sWould you rather have dinner and then sex with Megan Fox's body with Leonard Nimoy's head on it or reroof an entire condo complex by yourself?
1.17sOh, boy.
1.4sCan I close my eyes?
2.64sNo, eye contact the whole time and a lot of kissing.
2.57sWell, how about Megan Fox's head on Leonard Nimoy's body?
1.87sI know, somehow that's better.
2.22sThe hybrid organism exists as I've described it.
1.43sHow many units are in the condo?
1.63s- Thirty-two. - Tile roof or shingles?
2.44sYeah, 'cause it makes a difference what you're carrying up that ladder.
1.53s- Wait, whose neck is it? - Huh?
1.03sI mean where's the cutoff?
4.27sYou know, is it Megan Fox's neck or am I burying my face in Leonard Nimoy's turkey gizzard?
1.23sNimoy's neck.
1.2sYou have got yourself a roof.
1.9sI'll take the Spock-Fox intercourse.
1.3sAll right, Peter, your turn.