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2.7sOh, my God. Bender, it's your thingy.
1.67sYou people are nuts.
3.7sMy antenna never interfered with my old TV.
2.37sYou had cable. This is satellite.
3.79sObviously, your thoughts are being transmitted on the same frequency.
2.2sThey're on my cell phone, too.
2.9sMadame, I believe you're mistaken.
2.67sWow, that lady's got a huge ass.
2.27sThose could be anyone's thoughts, fat-ass.
1.63sThe robot has to go.
1.55sWell, you heard the mob.
1.3sFine. Come on, Fry.
3.6sLet's move to that apartment that smelled like a sewer.
1.97sYou liked that one, right?
1.68sOh, it's tempting, but, well...
2.4sI am already kind of settled in here.
2.99sOr we could live underground with the mutants.
2.64sA little fire'll show them who's boss.