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1.63sIs he objecting or backing up?
1.6sLooks like both.
2.03sI'm afraid my half-brother is correct.
3.2sYou see, I have a terrible secret and that secret is...
1.07sOh, come on!
2.54sOh, fix it.
1.83sHey, what happened to the TV?
1.35sIt just went out.
2.68sThis is an outrage. I'm going to go yell at the manager.
1.27sAll right!
2.47sCome back, Bender! It's working!
2.9sTo reiterate, my terrible secret is...
1.33sIt's out again.
2.7sWhat? That's the last straw.
2.09sIt's back on!
1.05sPardon me.
4.67sI don't mean to pry into what you're doing in here with the crab and the one-eyed lady and the Chinese girl,
3.5sbut everyone on this floor is having trouble with their TV reception.
4.12sYeah, and you better get rid of whatever's causing it or we're out of this dump.
1.8sRelax, Sonny.
3.17sThis cajigger'll find the source of the interference.