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3.1sAlthough we are technically in New jersey.
3.6sNot one place even remotely livable.
1.5sOh, how awful.
1.72sDid he at least die painlessly?
2.1sTo shreds, you say.
2.9sWell, how is his wife holding up?
1.7sTo shreds, you say.
1.68sVery well, then.
5.67sSad, sad, terrible, gruesome news about my colleague, Dr. Mobutu.
2.6sWas his apartment rent controlled?
2.35sWow. This is beautiful.
2.2sWhat's with all the crap?
1.02sIt's not crap.
5.92sDr. Mobutu collected this crap while he was exploring the whatchacallit... universe.
3.82sWell, this place has everything except the only thing I care about-- a TV.