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2.28sNow you're okay.
1.62sLook at yourself-- you're a wreck.
2.43sYou've got to find a new place to live.
2.19sIs that an invitation?
1.25sLove your optimism, Fry.
3.87sBut seriously, you've got to tell Bender you're moving out.
1.82sYeah, but he might get kind of upset.
2.17sI don't think I can do that to him.
1.47sHey, there's my little space heater.
0.85sWell, I'm moving out.
3.12sI'm sorry, Bender but there's just not enough room.
1.2sNot enough room?
3.94sMy place is two cubic meters and we only take up 1.5 cubic meters.
3.22sWe've got room for a whole 'nother two-thirds of a person.
3.09sWhat if I just help the two of you find a bigger apartment?