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2.17sWe sure are cheerful this morning.
2.5sYeah, this past week with Fry's been a blast.
6.06sYou know, beneath his warm, sunny exterior beats the cold, mechanical heart of a robot.
1.37sWhat happened to you?
2.27sOh, it's Bender's apartment.
2.92sHe put in carpeting yesterday and now my head hits the ceiling.
2.77sHey, do you realize you're standing at a weird angle?
2.28sNow you're okay.
1.62sLook at yourself-- you're a wreck.
2.43sYou've got to find a new place to live.
2.19sIs that an invitation?
1.25sLove your optimism, Fry.
3.87sBut seriously, you've got to tell Bender you're moving out.
1.82sYeah, but he might get kind of upset.
2.17sI don't think I can do that to him.