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1.23sOh, fuff.
1.87sHe's not causing any trouble.
2.67sNow, if you don't mind, I'm rather busy.
2.54sI seem to have mislaid my alien mummy.
7.84sThis sarcophagus should contain the remains of Emperor Nimbala, who ruled Zuben Five over 29 million years ago.
1.44sHey, Professor.
2.55sMmm. Great jerky.
2.19sMy God, this is an outrage.
2.65sI was going to eat that mummy.
2.17sFry has got to go.
2.03sBachelor Chow-- Now with flavor.
2.12s...and Bigfoot is down!
5.22sSheesh. 40,000 channels and only 150 of them have anything good on.
2.3sAll My Circuits is brought to you by...
1.63sRobo Fresh.
2.57sDesigned by a robot for a robot.