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2.37sI didn't think he'd miss this apartment that much.
1.65sHe doesn't care about the apartment.
3sHe cares about you, and you turned your back on him.
1.45sOh, man, I had no idea.
3.05sIf only I knew where he was, I'd go talk to him.
2.25sOh, stupid TV.
1.92sYou're blind stinking sober.
4.2sThat's right. I'm sober and crazy and I don't know what I might do.
2.72sDon't do it. I don't know what it is yet.
1.9sOh, yeah, now I remember.
7.61sI thought I could live alone, but I can't so I'm going to do what it takes to be your roommate again.
1.27sBender, stop.
2.17sCutting Leela's head off won't solve anything.
2.7sNo, I'm going to chop off my antenna.
1.88sHey... yeah, that sounds good.
1.73sCan I give you a hand?
2.65sFry, don't help him mutilate himself.
1.22sBut it's a useless antenna.
2.47sIt's not like he's a ham radio or something.
1.2sI'm going to do it!
1.87sI'm really going to do it!
1.83sDon't try and stop me!