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2.07s- (FANFARE PLAYING) - Beer?
2.18sAh... yeah!
2.57sThank you, Headless Clone of Agnew.
1.5sMy fellow Earthicans,
7.21sI'm proud to announce I'm running for reelection as president of Earth, the greatest planet in the world.
1.8sALL: Yeah!
2.65sIs everyone enjoying their free beer?
2.22sALL: Yeah!
2.62sWell, there's plenty more where that came from.
1.93sWe're all out of beer.
1.87sAll right, listen up, nitwits.
4.24sWho here is tired of illegal space aliens taking our good Earth jobs?
4.79s(CROWD CHEERING) Me, too. So, if I'm reelected,
5.84sI promise to build a really big Dyson fence across the southern border of our solar system.