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1.5sOh, my God.
2.55sStewie, what the hell? These are all my ex-girlfriends!
3.57sWell, I thought they could provide some insights that might improve your love life.
1.4sLadies, as you may have guessed,
3.55syou are here because you have all dated this great guy.
2sYet, somehow, things didn't work out.
1.77sMy objective is to figure out why.
2.65sI don't know. The word "self-absorbed" comes to mind.
1.13sAnd pretentious.
1.23sDefinitely pretentious.
2.03sAnd he's got a big Eggo.
2.02sOkay, we seem to have a theme going here.
2.57sOh, come on! You're all just mad because I didn't wanna be with you!
1.52sI think Brian's a wonderful man.
3.4sHe's just having a difficult time coming to terms with his own sexuality.
2.1sShut up, Ida. She's my favorite.
0.87sHe's insecure.
1.13sAnd a blowhard.
1.67sAnd he's got a tiny penis!
3.57s(ALL LAUGHING) Yeah, that was pretty clear by the survey.
1.42sOkay, now who wants more wine?
2sThis is great. We should do this every Saturday.
2.14sNo, no, we're not gonna do this every Saturday!
1.73sWhat's wrong? We're just being honest.
1.1sOh. Oh, you want honest?
1.87sYou're an old bag. You're blind.