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3.17s(SCOFFS) No. I've had it with Valentine's Day. I'm sick of all of it.
2sOkay, I'm putting on my friend hat.
1.94sWhat's the matter? Let me in.
1.17sI don't know. It's just...
2.5sHow come it's so hard to meet the right woman?
1.82sI think maybe it's just time for me to give up.
1.55sCome on, Brian. You can't give up.
1.44sEverything could change in a moment.
2sThat's what happened with the Kennedy assassination.
1.3sI'm sorry, gentlemen.
1.23sDespite our best efforts,
6.57sthe Texas School Book Depository Awareness Council has failed in its mission to generate public awareness of the Texas School Book Depository.
1.47sSo at the end of the day,
2.47swe'll be shutting down operations and laying everyone off.
2.8sSir, I think you're gonna want to see this!
5.89sLet's fall in love Why shouldn't we fall in love?
7.54sOur hearts are made of it Let's take a chance Why be afraid of it?