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2.77sI just got the dearest presents for Mommy.
2.03sVery nice. Where'd you steal them?
1.75sI didn't steal 'em. I bought 'em.
1.44sI love her that much.
2.8sWhat did you get her, you mushy gizmo?
1.53sOh, precious things.
5.07sI found the most adorable little figurine of mice having tea.
3.97sAnd a framed picture of me when I was only a month old.
5.69sBut the best part is, I found my exact feelings expressed in a greeting card.
6.37s"You created me, Mom, so I guess you're to blame "for the love that I feel just from hearing your name.
3.67s"You're as tender as corned beef and warm as pastrami."
4.07sI wuv my mommy.