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3.37sMy magic fingers still know how to do their stuff.
4.65sTo escape the robot death squads we'll take Mother to her rustic cabin in the Bronx.
4.22sYou can get there using this precious non-computerized map.
1.22sLeela bring fire?
1.37sNo, we're set for fire, thanks.
2.67sThe professor can't walk all the way to the Bronx.
2.7sHow are we going to get there without a hover car?
3.4sWait! In my time, we had a way of moving things long distances without hovering.
2.48sIt was called... let me think.
1.37sIt was really famous.
2.4sRuth Gordon had one. The wheel!
1.62sNever heard of it.
1.82sShow us this... the wheel.
1.65sThere, finished.
2.07sWouldn't it work better if the wheels were round?
1.5sIt's my invention. We do it my way.
2.89sNow all we need is something to pull it and we're set.
2.27sHee-yah! Ow!
1.9sThe robots have taken Suffolk County.