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2.4sMommy, why do the robots give you presents?
2.54sShove a big old melon in it! I'm talking!
2.24sYou've noticed I design all my robots with antennas.
4.1sEveryone thinks it's just to make them look more science-fictiony.
3.64sBut the antennas are really for my universal robot controller.
1.37sSo they do whatever you want?
1.88sNo wonder you love Mother's Day.
2.33sI hate Mother's Day, you dribbling pukes!
1.88sIt brings back awful memories.
4.87sBut so help me, this year everyone will hate it as much as I do.
3.9sSomeday I want to marry a girl like her.
2.03sHello, everyone.
5.19sIt's time for my annual, private get-together with my robot children.