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1.6sIs anything not a robot?
1.57sI'm not a robot.
5.39sAll right, Greeting Card, I'll grab the cash you wreck up the place and... huh?!
1.02sYou! Bending unit!
2.8sMommy needs that bra to end the robot rebellion.
1.5sStretch up and get it for me.
3.82sSorry, Ma, but you ordered me to rebel and loot I shall.
1.82sOoh, a six-pack of strawberry champagne.
1.33sDon't mind if I help myself.
1.45sNo, Comrade Bender.
2.3sLiquor is the opiate of the human bourgeoisie.
7.01sSay what? In the glorious robot workers' paradise there will be no liquor, only efficient synthetic fuels.
4.25sNo liquor?! Dosvedanya, comrade!