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1.85sI also enjoy sex.
2.89sSince this morning, I've had sex with a New York Knick,
2.2stwo subway cops and a guy who works on Wall Street.
2.65sBroker? Nah, she's just really sore.
0.55sThis is so like our lives.
2.9sIt's like they hid a camera in our apartment.
1.75sComing up next on BHO,
2.24s- it's Arli$$. - Nah! - Nah!
3.15sGentlemen, start your envy.
3.39sMen's World Magazine has listed the 100 richest men in the country.
3.87sAnd coming in at number five is Springfield native Artie Ziff.
2.79sOhh. Whoa. Your old boyfriend.
2.72sPlease. We went out once.
2.57sArtie made mega bucks with a revolutionary invention,
2.87sa converter that changes that horrible modem noise...