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2.17sto wrap this thing around my arm.
2.82sGood for you, Dad. Could you get me some syrup?
2.57sMmm. Hmm.
2.62sYou see? Before I probably would've driven to the syrup.
1.37sKids, hurry up and eat.
2.67sWe have to leave for the dentist five minutes ago.
2.34sWe don't have time for choking.
2.19sCalm down, Stresserella.
3.42sI'm stressed because now that you've lost your license,
2.2sI'm a full-time family chauffeur.
1.52sNow, now, honey.
1.7sWe all appreciate what you do,
3.17sbut real chauffeurs have uniforms and licenses.
2.67sYou could get in a lot of trouble with the Livery Commission.
2.47sTo hell with the Livery Commission.
2sMarge, you don't know what you're saying.
1.73sWhat a day for a stroll.
1.9sCome on! What are you doing?
3.47sSeymour, the two of us could make good use of this time.
2.8sYou take this teacher evaluation test. I'll proctor.
2.94s"Read the directions silently as I read them aloud to you."