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2.33sNo. From now on, walking is my beer,
2.37sand feeling good is my hangover.
2.37sHuh. Hey, maybe this is a sign.
2.77sMaybe it's time for me to get out of the alcohol business--
2sgive barber college another try.
3.25sAnd this time, I won't join a frat.
1.6sWho the hell am I talking to?
2.99sYou know, all this walking is paying off.
1.48sLook how healthy I am.
1.83sYou see? I'm finally thin enough...
2.17sto wrap this thing around my arm.
2.82sGood for you, Dad. Could you get me some syrup?
2.57sMmm. Hmm.
2.62sYou see? Before I probably would've driven to the syrup.
1.37sKids, hurry up and eat.
2.67sWe have to leave for the dentist five minutes ago.
2.34sWe don't have time for choking.
2.19sCalm down, Stresserella.
3.42sI'm stressed because now that you've lost your license,