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2.15sCan I get a phone that plays the Mexican hat dance?
0.53sI insist on it.
1.79sI dance, I dance, I dance
1.77sAround the Mexican hat
1.83sI dance, I dance, I dance
7.02sAnd that's the end of that Or is it I guess I'll keep singing My cell phone appears to be ringing Hey!
3.1sBarney, did you ever notice how hard it is to drive with your knees?
2.57sWhy don't you get one of those hands-free phones?
3.17sIt's the next best thing to paying attention to the road.
1.95sHands-free, eh?
3.22sThen I could give the brothers the black power salute.
2.5sBlack power! Black power!
3.2sWas that Al Roker? His exuberance is perplexing.
3.72sOf course we have headsets, but you would be mad to stop there.