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2.85sOh, God! I'll never make it this time!
1.93sThis is the end!
2.07sAnyway, we like it here.
3.2sLike you have a choice. So, what's your problem?
1.88sNot enough-- Duh--
1.29sOh, great.
3sNow I remember that word, but I forgot my wife's face.
1.9sOh, God! No!
2.95sI want to live!
2.9sIf you'd like, you're welcome to join our society.
2.7sLook, no offense, but I need technology,
3.24sespecially e-mail and snowmobiles... and television!
2.84sWithout television, how will I know what's buzz worthy?
4.27sWhy would you want to watch TV when you can watch a snail crawl for hours on end?
2.8sThat's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.