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3.67s- Neat. - Quite frankly, Robot 1-X...
3.04swill put all my previous models to shame.
3.9sIncidentally, would one of my previous models mind coming up here?
1.93sRight here! I'm comin'! Come on, baby!
2.77sI'm yours! Come on, Mom! jerk!
1.84sHere we go.
2.17sI'm your top of the line, Mom.
2.89sNotice that this obsolete robot...
3.1sruns on alcohol and emits pollution.
3.15sWhereas Robot 1-X runs on pollution...
3.8sand emits pure oxygen with a fresh pine scent.
2.85sMan, that smells great!
2.25sNow let's see how both robots do...
4.44sat a typical household task: sorting a jar of pocket change.
5.11sTask completed. Total value, $4.73 and one Albanian lek.
2.33sVery good, Robot 1-X.