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2.33sjust to destroy everything you ever believed in.
3.89sWell, at least you saved us from, uh, you.
3.77sThank God you finally overcame your incompatibility with Robot 1-X.
2.35sOh, yeah. We were totally in sync.
3sI was like, "Save them!" And he was all, "No problem."
3.54sAnd then he did it. His new technology is great.
2.37sI love those magnificent 1-X robots.
2.67sThe 1-X robots are my friends.
3.72sIt's like his personality is totally different now.
2.4sOh, maybe this upgrade isn't such a good idea.
3.79sI'd like to give Robot 1-X a big smooch on the--
3.07sHey, what's the dillio? Your upgrade is complete.
2.72sBut I destroyed the technology of the world!
3.09sI ran on the beach and felt the sand between my foot-cups.
2.12sEveryone experiences the upgrade differently.
2.95sOof. If that stuff wasn't real,
2.27show can I be sure anything is real?
2.87sIs it not possible, nay, probable,
2.6sthat my whole life is just a product of my...
2.24sor someone else's imagination?