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3.02sThey're the devil's veins! And electricity is his blood!
3.62sBender, if we don't survive the attack,
2.14sI want you to know I love you.
2.45sOkay, fine. Fire!
2.33sOh, I'm blind!
1.78sProfessor, we have no power.
3.17sWhat do you mean "no power"? We're living in the future.
2.17sI'd better light some candles.
4.34sFriends, I've come to free you from your complicated lives--
3.7sfree you from the "complicated" part, I mean, not the "lives" part.
3.44sOh, Lord, he's made of wood. What now, Bender?
3.45sI got a downgrade. I'm a steam-powered wooden robot...
1.93sjust as nature intended.
3.1sTherefore, I must kill Robot 1-X!
2.5sThat's just stupid!
2.87sDoes Mister Bender wish me to destroy myself?
2.87sI don't need your charity!