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2.13sThis is the type of thing I'm talking about.
4.6sPeople of Earth, I am Lrrr, conqueror of your planet.
1.27s(WHISPERS) Cue screams.
6.44s(ALL SCREAMING) You will now remove your skulls and play dodgeball with them for my amusement!
4.09sOoh! I could swear his horns have gotten longer!
5.1s(ELECTRONIC WARBLING) Sir, I've intercepted an Earth broadcast.
1.97sPut it up on the Zenith.
1.67sOh, God!
1.4sWELLES: Earth is conquered,
2.42sthe destruction of civilization complete.
3.44sNow stay tuned for Little Orphan Annie.
4.04sTo hell with Little Orphan Annie! We've got to do something.
2.38sWhat's that, honey? How many dead?
2.44sI don't know, 80 million?
3.1sOkay. I love you, too.
1.85sThat was Ndnd. She's taking me back!
3.84s(ALL CHEERING) I'm sorry I've been so difficult.