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1.77sCome back, Lrrr!
2.44sI want to have your popplers!
2.02sThere'll never be anyone but you!
1.08sOf course I'll marry you.
1.95sWait, what the shmell happened?
3.22sI thought Ndnd disintegrated you with this ray gun.
1.97s(SCOFFS) It's just a cheap teleporter.
1.8sI bought it out of the back of a comic book.
2.82sThe teleporter gun? That means Fry might still be...
1.8sFry! Fry?
1.15sIs this him?
3.39s(ALL CHEER) Fry! You're alive!
1.23sNot only that,
3.44sI now know exactly how to end my comic book.
1.44sLet's watch.
1.87sFRY: Say good-bye to your forehead,
1.9sbecause I'm going to shoot you in it!
2.54sNot if I leap in front of your death ray,
1.87sand I am going to do that.
1.82sJumping sound! Ow!
1.42sI didn't shoot yet.
3.34sAs usual, your delivery arrived too soon.
6.42s(GROANS) Oh, Delivery-Boy Man! You saved me by random chance!