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1.59sWow. Lois, you look great.
2.9sI'd like to split you in half like a piece of lumber.
1.16sThank you, Glenn.
2.9sYeah, Lois. I'd like to wear you like a hockey mask.
1.52sYou guys!
1.3sOkay, easy, fellas.
4.2sLois, I'd like to make a caramel-colored baby with you.
1.09sTake it easy, Cleveland.
1.23sTake your jacket off.
3.77sJacket off. Jacket off. Jacket off.
1.83sAll right. All right. That's it. That's enough.
1.13sPeter, what are you doing?
2.59sLois, if you being a model means you're going to be eye-candy...
1.76sfor the whole town, then I ain't going for it.
2.87sExcuse me? Who do you think you are, my father?
1.49sLois, I think Meg was right.
2.76sLowering yourself and women and something and all that noise.
2.06sYou can't stop me from modeling, Peter.
1.52sThis is important to me.
4.3sI am going to the top, and there's nothing you or anyone else can do about it.
2.33sWho the hell does he think he is?