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2.23sOther employees? Who else works here besides me?
1.63s... you. That's who works here!
2.03sDinner's almost ready, kids.
3.33sWow, Lois, look at you. You're like Britney Spears...
1.02sexcept you're not a fat guy.
1.13sI'll get it.
3.46sDad, how could you be okay with Mom parading herself around like this?
2.94sI mean, she's half-naked. It makes all women look bad.
2.7sMeg, who let you back in the house?
2.06sOh, Karin. Come on in.
2.63sLois, I got your new headshots, and I set up a shoot for you...
1.63sover at Glamour next Monday...
2.56sbut, sugar, you're gonna need these to stay on top.
2.47sDiet pills? Karin, I'm not gonna take these.
0.99sI don't need to.
3.9sLois, sooner or later every model needs a little boost, huh?
2.3sI just wanna make sure you got everything you need.