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2.16sWow, Mom. You look pretty.
2.53sThank you, Chris. I thought so, too.
1.83sAnd you know what? I'm gonna take that chance...
2.2smy father never let me take when I was younger.
1.83sI'm gonna become a model.
3.46sHey, that's fantastic, Lois. And I'll pleasure myself to your photos.
0.7sMe, too.
0.89sMe, too.
2.37sOh, God. Meg, that's sick.
2.16s- That's your mother. - I'm just trying to fit in.
1.97sGet out. Get out of this house.
1.4sIsaid now!
1.66sThat's good about your modeling, Lois.
3.3sHere are your pictures, Lois. They sure are terrific.
2.8sThank you, Mort. I'm trying to get into modeling.
2.99sThat's great. Oh, hey! Get out of here.
1.43sHey, go on. Get out.
2.3s" didn't hurt anybody. Scat, Mister.
1.66sI know deep down I'm your friend.
3.13sThat greased-up deaf guy is going to be the death of me.