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1.19sand look what happened.
1.47sI had a lot of fun.
2.66sI should've stopped listening to you along time ago.
1.93s- Let's go home, Peter. - Right behind you.
1.33sHey, where's Meg?
0.97sWhat is it, sir?
2.09sThat's what we call a manatee, boys...
3.06sor, in nautical slang, the sea-cow.
2.13sDamn these worms. Ow, this itch.
1.43sBrian, what the hell are you doing?
3.37sNothing. Just some Pilates.
2.59sDon't lie to me, Brian. I know what this is.
1.66sYou're looking for an ass-race.
2.09sFirst one to the kitchen wins. Go!
3.7s- Still got the worms, eh? - Yeah, that stupid medicine's $300.
1.59sWell, let me make you a proposal.
2.94sI'll front you the money, and you pay it off by working for me.
3.73sCashscam? Are you kidding? I don't want anything to do with that pyramid scheme.
2.43s- Very well, then. Enjoy your worms. - Wait. Wait.
1.13sWhat would I have to do?
2.97sJust be in my room tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. for orientation.
1.63sUntil then, keep this in mind.
3.8sWhether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.