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2.56sSorry, you have to sleep with Rob Schneider tonight.
3.49s"Making copies." Remember that?
2.09sI was born in 1987.
1.66sANNOUNCER: Ladies andgentlemen...
2.83swelcome to the 20th annual Newport Rega tta.
2.2sNewport would like to extend a special welcome...
3.83sto all those here today who ha ve children stationed overseas in fra I
2.3sI'm just kidding.
2.09sThere they are, team Pewterschmidt.
3.37sSay, where's your husband or as I call him, "my son-in-Iard"?
1.13sSnap. Snap.
1.97sOh, I'm sure he'll be along, Daddy.
1.66sAhoy, Mr. Pewterschmidt.
1.87sPeter, what the hell are you doing in my bathtub?
1.63sOh, this is not a bathtub.
2.37sThis is the SS Pewterschmidt Kicker.
0.99sThis is ridiculous.
2.49sI won't have a member of my family racing in a bathtub.