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2.53sCashscam is your way to make real money.
2.26sYou could become rich beyond your wildest dreams...
2.47sby selling these fine products over the phone.
2.03sRich beyond my wildest dreams.
2.2sI say, I could be a millionaire playboy.
2.33sOkay, girls. Are you all ready to play?
3.2sAll right, then. One, two, three. Green light.
1.56sRed light. Green light.
1.06sRed light.
1.49sBrandy, you're out.
2.56sSorry, you have to sleep with Rob Schneider tonight.
3.49s"Making copies." Remember that?
2.09sI was born in 1987.
1.66sANNOUNCER: Ladies andgentlemen...
2.83swelcome to the 20th annual Newport Rega tta.
2.2sNewport would like to extend a special welcome...
3.83sto all those here today who ha ve children stationed overseas in fra I
2.3sI'm just kidding.
2.09sThere they are, team Pewterschmidt.
3.37sSay, where's your husband or as I call him, "my son-in-Iard"?
1.13sSnap. Snap.
1.97sOh, I'm sure he'll be along, Daddy.