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3.06sI know nothing of the world beyond this dog's stomach.
2.76sAnd I still find Six Feet Under pretentious.
3.4sSo, Mr. Pewterschmidt, the big race is tomorrow, eh?
1.73sBet you're gonna need some big strapping men...
1.06sto help you with your boat.
0.99sAre you calling me gay?
2.49sNo. No, I just thought you might want some extra seamen...
1.66son your poop deck.
2.53sCashscam is your way to make real money.
2.26sYou could become rich beyond your wildest dreams...
2.47sby selling these fine products over the phone.
2.03sRich beyond my wildest dreams.
2.2sI say, I could be a millionaire playboy.
2.33sOkay, girls. Are you all ready to play?
3.2sAll right, then. One, two, three. Green light.
1.56sRed light. Green light.