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2.43sYou and I get to stay in my old high-school room.
2.23sWow. This looks just like my room at home.
3.23sYeah, except for all the trophies and pictures of friends.
2.83sThat's the second most impressive trophy I've ever seen.
2.73sAnd the Grammy for Album ofthe Year goes to...
1.47sJustin Timberlake,
1.73sft actually goes to Nelly.
0.97sNell y.
2.63sWow, Mom. Were you a Miss Teen Rhode Island?
2.59sI sure was, Meg, when I was 16 years old.
2.66sIn fact, your mom was offered a modeling contract.
1.97sReally? Why didn't you take it?
2.83sWell, I wanted to, but your grandfather wouldn't let me.
2.13sBut, Daddy, they offered me a contract.
2.4sMy girl is not lowering herself to modeling.
2.73sThat sort of uncouth activity is below this family.