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0.99sonce and for all.
1.8sThis isn't gonna work, you guys.
2.9sWhy can't you understand I'm doing what I want?
1.87sJeez, Carter, what are we doing?
2.26sI mean, if Lois wants to be a model...
1.66swe don't got any right to stop her.
2.16sYou really mean that, Peter?
2.47sOf course, I do. I just want you to be happy.
2.47sThis is ridiculous. No daughter of mine is going to be happy.
2.47sExcuse me, Carter. I think I owe you this.
2.4sThat's for giving me a book last Christmas.
1.47sYou're rich, you jerk.
3.73sWell, Lois, I guess you should go ahead and get back to your party.
0.99sWhat's wrong?
2.99sAren't you gonna go do your little turn on the catwalk, Lois?
1.16sOn the catwalk?
1.49sYeah, on the catwalk?
1.66sDo your little turn on the catwalk?
1.93sWell, now that you say you're fine with it...
3.23sto be honest, I'm not really sure I wanna do it anymore.
3.23sI think all I really wanted was the freedom to know I could...