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1.37s- You see Jimmy Smits in there? - Yeah.
1.09sYeah, that was cool.
1.76sSo, what did you wanna see me about?
5.5sYou know, Brian, there was a note in the suggestion box that says: "Stewie should eat a steaming bag of...."
3.03sWell, I'm not gonna say the last word, but I think you know what it is.
3.77sLook, Brian, a corporation is a lot like a centipede.
3.44sIt only works if all the legs are moving toward the same end.
1.9sAnd you know what you are, Brian?
1.9s- You're a busted leg. - What?
0.97sAre you firing me?
2.26sDon't think about coming back and shooting up the place...
1.3sbecause security has your picture.
1.8sWhat the hell are you guys doing?
3.13sYou're not leaving this room until you agree to stop this modeling thing...
0.99sonce and for all.
1.8sThis isn't gonna work, you guys.
2.9sWhy can't you understand I'm doing what I want?
1.87sJeez, Carter, what are we doing?
2.26sI mean, if Lois wants to be a model...
1.66swe don't got any right to stop her.
2.16sYou really mean that, Peter?
2.47sOf course, I do. I just want you to be happy.