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1.87sI'm really worried about her, Mr. Pewterschmidt...
3.09sand I figured I'd come to you since you were always good at reeling her in.
2.43sWell, Lois was always a wild stallion...
1.9sbut don't worry. I know how to control her.
1.13sAnd I'll help you...
2.33sbut first, you have to do something for me.
1.26sEat this pine cone.
2.33s- Well.... - Eat it. It will amuse me.
2.53s- How is it? How does it taste? - It's awful.
1.9sundefinedFinish it. Eat it. " hate it.
1.83sEat it. Eat it. Swallow it.
2.56sAt hurts. This is for Lois. Go on.
3.63sAt hurts! Good.
1.22sAll right. We good to go?
1.76sAll right, how's my man-tan?
1.23sThere we go. All set.
2.13sGood. A little body glitter for you.
3.4sYeah. Yeah. That's hot. That's hot. All right, let's do this.
2.16sWhat are you doing? Like ... obvious.
0.24sShut up.
1.52sCheck out these ribs, Lois.