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1.76sWhere you need improvement.
2.06sYou have smelly dog farts.
1.56sSomething good. Something good.
3.53sYou really dazzled that rep from the Cincinnati office last week.
3.99sThat is sensational. You really made me feel confident about those numbers.
2.16sListen, if you're ever looking for a change of scenery...
2.63swe could sure use a fellow like you in Cincinnati.
1.66s- That was you in disguise. - No, it wasn't.
0.97s- Yes, it was. - No, it wasn't.
1.7sundefinedFine, it wasn't. At was.
1.59sMr. Pewterschmidt, I need your help.
1.43sLois is out of control.
3.53sI mean, she's acting crazier than I did that time I tried Ecstasy.
4.66sOh, Brian, your fur is so soft.
1.83sOh, your ears.
2.63sYour ears are like dog ears.