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1.32sI have a crisis situation here.
2.43sKate wants me to meet her parents.
2.67sHey, guys. I'm just gonna...
2.59sJust gonna take this. Thank you.
1.18sWhat the hell am I going to do?
0.98sAll right, all right, just calm down.
1.38sCalm down?
1.4sWe're all supposed to have dinner tomorrow night,
2.05sand her parents are going to see that I'm a dog.
5.72s(SCREAMING) (THUDDING) PETER: Fuck! Fuck! Fucking cock! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
2.08sDon't worry, Brian. I'll come up with something.
3.37sRemember, I'm the guy who came up with the choreography to Showgirls.
1.4sOkay, stop. Stop. Stop.
2.55sElizabeth, darling, too much hands, not enough hips.
1.3sCan I just show you?
1.7sOne, two, three, four
1.97sI'm dancing from my vagina
1.74sOne, two, three, four
9.79sI'm grinding, I'm grinding Orgasm eyes, orgasm eyes And we're done You do 20% that, and we got a movie.