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2.44sAh! That breeze is gorgeous.
2.53sAnd I think I smell croissants?
2.84sDo you? You have an amazing sense of smell.
1.67s- Oh, there it is. - There's what?
2.2sOh, nothing. Just the Goodyear Blimp.
2.77s- It says, "I love you, Kate," all in lights. - (GASPS)
1.3sHere? In Paris?
2.3sYeah, it's here for Wimbledon or something.
1.23sOh, my God.
2.67sThat's the most romantic thing anybody's ever done for me.
1.53sWell, get used to it.
2.24sYou're going to be hearing a lot of things I've done for you.
2.18sOh, I'm so happy you had fun. I did, too.
2.37sAnd I'm sorry I practically cried at the symphony.
3.5sIt's just that Romeo and Juliet gets me every time.
1.67sWow. You work out!
1.13sSo much.
1.84sANNOUNCER: We now return to True Blood.
2.17sHi. I'm a nude vampire.
1.98sHi. I'm a nude werewolf.
1.42sAnd that's the show!
3.24sPeter, come downstairs. That gay show you like is on.