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1.47sYes. May I help you gentlemen?
1.57sHey, you're in a tough part of town.
1.4sNow, give me your purse, doll face.
1.67sHey, you get your hands off that!
2.13sI don't care how many of you there are, you're not taking this purse!
2.13sThe hell we aren't. Let's get him, boys!
1.32sStay right there, Kate. I'll handle this.
3.77s(GRUNTS) Yeah, you like that, huh?
1.73sThis guy is tough!
1.49sNo fair. He knows karate.
2.6sUsually, handsome guys ain't so good with their fists.
1.67sAnd stay away from my girlfriend.
2.4sBrian, I know karate, too. I can help you.
1.33sYou stay out of this, lady!
4.4s(GROANS) I got one! I think I got one!
1.63sYeah, yeah, but I got the other four.
2.59s(GROANS) They're gone now. They're gone.
3sWell, they took the gift I had for you, but at least you're okay.