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2.72sOur stupid neighbor's dog barks 24/7.
1.98sGod, I hate dogs.
1.33s- (STAMMERS) You do? - Yeah.
3.3sThey're just slobbery, annoying, needy little bastards.
2.17sI'm just not really a dog person, I guess.
1.4sOh. Uh...
2.8sYeah, me neither. Dog people can get pretty annoying.
3.24sWell, this is a nice apartment you have. Is this your dog?
3.07sYes. Isn't he the cutest little cutie-wutie?
1.37sLook how cute he is.
1.37sYes, he's very cute.
3.22sYes, he's cute. Yes, he's cute, cute, cute, cute.
2.2sLook at him. Look at him. Look at him.
1s(LAUGHS) Okay.
1.53sLook at it! Look at that face!
1.18sCome on! Look at that face!
2.84sYou look at him! Look at that fucking face! (GAGGING)
1.8sPETER: Hey, guys, this is driving me nuts.
3.04sWas one of the Dwarfs named Snappy? Kind of well-dressed?
1.44sOr am I just making that up?
5.27s(SCREAMS) (THUDS) Fuck! Fucking cock! Fuck! Cock! Cock!
0.85sOh, my God, Dad!
1.2sDad, are you okay?
2.03sDamn it, I hate these new stairs!