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1.67sAll the things that make us
1.42sLaugh and cry
5.39sHe's a family guy
1sStewie, what are you doing?
1.6sJust doing a little tai chi.
2.35sYou know how the Asians look 30 until they're 60?
1.17sThis is why.
1.54sOf course, then they suddenly look 100,
1.27sbut cross that bridge, you know?
1sIs this a Japanese thing?
1.33sNo, Chinese.
1.85sThe Japanese have a whole other thing going on.
1.72sHey, you want to see a movie? No, we're Japanese.
2.1sLet's go watch a schoolgirl bang an octopus.
0.82sBOTH: Yeah!
4.25s(SPEAKING JAPANESE) Suction cup feel good!
8.21s(GIGGLING) (SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE) And of course, the most important part of any workout is a proper cool down and a stretch.