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2.28sDoesn't bother me, I'm just... You know, one friend to another.
2.2sWhat, you got a problem with me?
2.42sYou think I'm gross?
2.3sDon't do that. Don't do that.
3.37sThis is what you are and this is what I am.
2.44sPeter, hurry up! You're missing dinner.
1.67s- (SCREAMS) - (THUDS)
3.92sPETER: Fuck! Fuck! Fucking cock! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
1.37sLois, what the hell?
1.88sOh, my God, Peter, are you okay?
2.17sWhat the hell happened to the stairs? They're all slippery now!
1.77sI had them replaced, remember?
2.3sThe old ones were so rough, and Stewie got that splinter,
2.79sso I thought replacing the wood was the best way to go.
1.57sWhen'd you do that?
2.13sThe other day, when you spent all that time at the drugstore.
1.57sOh, yeah.
2.1sCouldn't figure out if that Hispanic lady worked there or not.