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1.57sYes, I can.
2.6sSo if I do this, I can talk about what a sweet rack she has?
4.25sYes, but try not to make a boob-honking gesture with your other hand while you're saying it.
1.67sSorry. It's okay.
4.09sI'm used to people being a little uncomfortable with me at first.
3.12sIf you have any questions, feel free to ask.
1.27sYeah, actually, I do.
2.97sAre your other senses better on account of you can't hear?
2.84sLike, can you smell my farts before they even come out?
2.17s'Cause I got one in the pocket right now,
2.54sand I want to know if I need to feel self-conscious about it.
3.65sI can't smell it, no. I might be able to see it, though.
3.84sA lot of people make small movements when they fart.
2.17sThey twitch their eye or something.
1.7sOh, like subtle giveaways, huh?
3.24sAll right, well, tell me if you can see when it happens.
2.37s(FARTS) You just farted.